Our own hardware is located in carrier neutral colocation areas, currently in two locations in Europe. We use only high-quality locked racks in cold aisle containment with intelligent air conditioning. We always keep an eye on things through continuous video surveillance. Fenced with more than 3 meters high NATO wire and 24/7 access control for trucks or cars no uninvited guest can get in.

We only use green electricity from sustainable sources, which is supplied via two separate power paths from the transformer station to the low-voltage distributors. An N+1 redundant UPS and a 2.5 MVA diesel generator are available for an uninterruptible power supply. Our data centers have already been awarded the "GreenIT BestPractice Award". By using up to 98 percent of the outside air directly for cooling in free cooling mode, the environment and the wallet are spared. Should the outside temperature increase, the mixed air is cooled by switching on compressors. Strict separation of hot and cold air areas avoids thermal feedback and reduces energy consumption in general. An above-average raised floor directs the air into the enclosed corridor of the enclosure and discharges it through the racks to the outside of the data center.

To prevent the hardware from burning down completely in the literal sense, we rely exclusively on data centers with high-end fire protection. High-quality early warning and extinguishing systems ensure that the data is safe from the unauthorized influence of third parties.

Datacenterpark Helsinki, Finland

Datacenter Park Helsinki is an ISO 27001 certified data center park located in Tuusula, Finland. Tuusula is only about a 30-minute drive from the center of Helsinki and 15 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The Helsinki location is ideal for business opportunities in the Scandinavian region as well as Eastern Europe and Asia.

Public IP Transit:

  • 10 Gbits combahton GmbH
  • 10 Gbits Lumen
  • 10 Gbits Telia (In Implementation)

Private Peerings:

  • 10 Gbits Cloudflare (In Implementation)
  • 10 Gbits Google (In Implementation)

Internet Exchanges:

  • 10 Gbits DECIX (In Planning)