Dedicated Cores (optional)
SSD / HDD Disk
Up to 10 Gbit/s
Public network
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

Haven't found the perfect configuration yet or do you know exactly what you want? Then a custom configuration is perfect. Choose between hard drives and SSDs or activate dedicated CPU cores. More speed is also possible, up to 10 Gbit/s!


0.00 /month

Cloud Servers :

0.00 /month

Volumes :

0.00 /month

Lowend Special Price
Dedicated Cores
HDD Disk
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

Our low-end VPS are particularly suitable for small environments or for testing. For a static website for clubs or even a VPN server for up to 5 users, these configurations at a special price are ideal. As a mail server, however, these are unfortunately too weak and not useful.

Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Network Speed Price per Month including 20% VAT
lowend.nano Lowend Special 1 vCore(s) 0.25 GB 10 GB 1 TB 0.1 Gbit/s 2.58 Sign Up Login
lowend.small Lowend Special 1 vCore(s) 0.5 GB 10 GB 1 TB 0.5 Gbit/s 3.34 Sign Up Login
lowend.medium Lowend Special 1 vCore(s) 0.75 GB 15 GB 1 TB 0.5 Gbit/s 3.83 Sign Up Login
lowend.large Lowend Special 1 vCore(s) 1 GB 15 GB 1 TB 1 Gbit/s 4.72 Sign Up Login
Dedicated Cores
SSD Disk
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

The general purpose virtual servers offer a balanced configuration between processor, memory and disk. With SSD storage, there are no limitations here.

Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Network Speed Price per Month including 20% VAT
general.small General Purpose 1 vCore(s) 2 GB 50 GB 1 TB 1 Gbit/s 11.15 Sign Up Login
general.medium General Purpose 2 vCore(s) 4 GB 150 GB 2 TB 1 Gbit/s 20.87 Sign Up Login
general.large General Purpose 4 vCore(s) 8 GB 250 GB 5 TB 1 Gbit/s 37.10 Sign Up Login
general.xlarge General Purpose 4 vCore(s) 12 GB 500 GB 10 TB 1 Gbit/s 62.44 Sign Up Login
Dedicated Cores
SSD Disk
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

The CPU-optimized systems offer maximum power! With more and dedicated CPU cores, these servers are perfect for compute-intensive applications such as databases.

Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Network Speed Price per Month including 20% VAT
cpu.small CPU Optimized 4 vCore(s) 8 GB 50 GB 1 TB 1 Gbit/s 23.92 Sign Up Login
cpu.medium CPU Optimized 8 vCore(s) 16 GB 150 GB 2 TB 2 Gbit/s 50.28 Sign Up Login
cpu.large CPU Optimized 12 vCore(s) 24 GB 500 GB 5 TB 5 Gbit/s 96.67 Sign Up Login
cpu.xlarge CPU Optimized 16 vCore(s) 32 GB 900 GB 10 TB 10 Gbit/s 154.34 Sign Up Login
Dedicated Cores
SSD Disk
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

The memory-optimized cloud servers offers maximum working memory. These are particularly suitable for memory-heavy applications. Dedicated CPU cores are included for maximum performance.

Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Network Speed Price per Month including 20% VAT
memory.small Memory Optimized 4 vCore(s) 16 GB 50 GB 1 TB 1 Gbit/s 31.51 Sign Up Login
memory.medium Memory Optimized 8 vCore(s) 32 GB 150 GB 2 TB 2 Gbit/s 65.48 Sign Up Login
memory.large Memory Optimized 12 vCore(s) 48 GB 500 GB 5 TB 5 Gbit/s 119.47 Sign Up Login
memory.xlarge Memory Optimized 16 vCore(s) 64 GB 900 GB 10 TB 10 Gbit/s 184.75 Sign Up Login
Dedicated Cores
HDD Disk
One IPv4 address included
Full root access
Integrated firewall

Do you want to save a lot of large data but don't want to make any compromises? With our configurations for large hard drives, we offer you the perfect performance for your Nextcloud or backup solution.

Name Type Processor Memory Disk Transfer Network Speed Price per Month including 20% VAT
hdd.small Huge Disk 1 vCore(s) 4 GB 500 GB 1 TB 1 Gbit/s 23.51 Sign Up Login
hdd.medium Huge Disk 2 vCore(s) 8 GB 1000 GB 2 TB 2 Gbit/s 46.97 Sign Up Login
hdd.large Huge Disk 4 vCore(s) 8 GB 2000 GB 5 TB 5 Gbit/s 88.08 Sign Up Login
hdd.xlarge Huge Disk 4 vCore(s) 8 GB 5000 GB 10 TB 10 Gbit/s 187.80 Sign Up Login

Additional options

per Processor vCore:

1.01 /month

Processor Dedizierte vCore:

2.02 /month

GB Memory:

1.01 /month

GB SSD Volumes:

0.05 /month

GB HDD Volumes:

0.03 /month

Public IP Address:

4.20 /month

Gbit/s Public Network Speed:

2.59 /month

TB Public Transfer:

1.80 /month

TB Encrypted Backup:

7.55 /month

Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and more - you have a wide range of operating systems to choose from, and of course we provide the latest version. Set up as a cloud-init image super fast and straightforward, the operating system comes pre-configured, including your own SSH keys. We also offer certain operating systems as self-determined ISO installation¹.

If an operating system of your choice is missing, please contact us.

¹ - This feature is only available to cloud servers

Linux - Linux Debian 10

Linux - Linux CentOS 8

Windows - Windows Server 2019 English

Windows - Windows Server 2019 German

Windows - Windows Server 2022 German

Windows - Windows Server 2022 Russian

Windows - Windows Server 2022 English

Windows - Windows Server 2019 Russian

Performance & advantages: What does a lifehost360 cloud server offer me?

Our cloud servers are virtual servers (vServers) whose performance is intelligently distributed over the performance of several stationary or physical servers. This type of virtualization not only makes cloud servers faster and more secure than many other server or hosting solutions. It also ensures that you remain flexible at all times: performance options can be configured for a wide variety of project requirements and expanded at any time if desired.

In addition, you exclude the risk of defects and failures: Since your server performance is distributed over an entire server cluster, online shops, applications and the like remain accessible at all times. Nevertheless, your server performance belongs only to you: unlike shared hosting offers, you have full, dedicated server performance, so that the workload of other customers never has an impact on you.

In addition to performance, our cloud servers offer you the greatest advantage in terms of costs: You only pay for the service you actually need. This enables us to offer you individual cloud server solutions from as little as € 3.56 per month.

Lifehost360 Cloud Server - Your advantages at a glance:

  • fast and flexible - ideal for system administrators, developers, designers and much more
  • full control - unrestricted root access (including SSH keys & command line)
  • 100% scalable - the right cloud server for every project
  • flexible configuration - CPU cores, RAM & SSD freely selectable
  • wide selection of the latest operating systems: rent Windows servers, Linux servers or OPNSense
  • Immediate availability - automated provision of your cloud server in 2 minutes
  • Top performance thanks to Intel XEON processors & fast SSDs
  • Server locations in Helsinki (FIN) and Bucharest (ROU - from 2022)

It is our goal to adapt your server individually to your needs - scalability is therefore the focus for us. As an alternative to our preconfigured server packages, you always have the option of configuring your cloud server individually according to your wishes and thus adapting every parameter exactly to your wishes - regardless of whether it is processor performance (including dedicated cores), RAM or access to the public network with 10 Gbit / s.

Rent a cloud server - what are the advantages over conventional vServers & Co.?

VPS, Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting - a pool of different hosting options has now formed, where the different terms alone often no longer allow a simple distinction. Above all, vServers and cloud servers are often used as synonyms - and even if the cloud server or cloud hosting is a variant of the virtual server, there is a decisive advantage over most classic vServers: the scalability of the server performance.

Cloud server vs. conventional VPS

Since cloud servers work on the basis of a virtualized, physical server pool, aspects such as CPU or processor performance, RAM or hard disk space can be individually adapted at any time - for example, to react quickly to changed requirements or strong visitor flows.

Cloud-based servers run on a network of several physical servers (so-called storage clusters) - this always ensures stability and reliability, even in the unlikely event of a hardware defect. Compared to conventional vServers, cloud servers are therefore above all flexible and user-oriented: If your performance requirements have changed, you can simply expand them - during the conversion everything continues as usual and you do not have to move your server every time you move.

Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers - in the broadest sense private servers that companies & Co. use completely for themselves - have long been seen as the ultimate among web servers. And even if there are still many use cases for this, they are no longer sensible or cost-effective for the general public: In terms of performance, security and flexibility, good cloud server solutions have long since reached the same level. The biggest advantage: With a cloud server, you only ever pay for the portion of the server performance that you actually need.

Cloud Server vs. Shared Hosting

In contrast to shared hosting offers, your cloud server provides you with full server performance. This means that there are no other customers who can overload the server excessively and you do not have to worry about performance problems. With full root access, full control and flexibility is always guaranteed - the access options for shared hosting are usually very limited.

Who is a lifehost360 cloud server suitable for?

Whether you are a developer, designer or app programmer - those who often rely on professional hosting or a strong server know how quickly classic web hosting can reach its limits. With our cloud-based vServers, we therefore want to offer you a powerful and highly available server solution that can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements.

There are no limits to your projects and applications. This makes our cloud servers suitable for the following user groups, among others:

  • Website, blog and online shop operators whose requirements go beyond traditional web hosting
  • Developers and programmers who need a powerful test or hosting environment with root access
  • System administrators who want to integrate existing IT infrastructures (e.g. company intranet) into a server solution
  • Game server operators who want to adapt to changing numbers of players
  • Start-ups, small and medium-sized companies whose server requirements are growing rapidly (e.g. own IT infrastructure without their own server)
  • Agencies looking for a flexible and secure solution for customer projects (e.g. website design) or system integration
  • Everyone who needs a scalable server solution for SaaS projects, databases, online data processing and much more.

In addition, our cloud servers are also suitable if you are looking for cloud storage, but do not want to limit yourself too much in order to keep options open for further usage options.

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We are pleased that you wish to migrate your existing infrastructure to OÜ. You can find out more about this on this page.

I've shut down my server, but I'm still getting bills from you guys! Why is that? - Learn more about our billing system.

In this guide you will find out how quickly and intuitively the creation of a cloud server works with us.

In the operating system selection, we provide you with Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 in German, English and Russian in the Standard and Datacenter builds.

Please note that you cannot obtain Windows licenses from us and that the installation data carriers provided are just this: installation data carrier.

Our DMCA Takedown Notice Guide if you find copyrighted material on a server we host.

If you have ever created a Cloud Server with us you will probably already noted the Cloud Virtual Local Area Network (Cloud-VLAN) will be created. You can also create them yourself to organize your network!

Get more Information on how to use our cloud virtual local area network

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